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Hoe verzorg jij je kroeshaar?

Hier heb je onze selectie van producten van KeraCare om je black hair goed te verzorgen. 
Heb je nog tips nodig, laat het ons weten!

  • KERACARE - Hydrating detangling shampoo
    KERACARE - Hydrating detangling shampoo

    Removes excess oils from hair and scalp without stripping. Decreases interfiber friction. Repairs damaged areas along the hairshaft and fly-away split ends. Improves cuticle alignment. Contains natural botanical extracts.…

    € 10,00
  • KERACARE - Intensive Restorative Masque
    KERACARE - Intensive Restorative Masque

    Treat your hair to this ultimately beautifying KeraCare Intensive Restorative Masque. Its ultra conditioning formula has been designed to reinforce dry and damaged hair with renewed elasticity to make hair up to 43%…

    € 15,00
  • KERACARE  - Leave-in conditioner (240 ml)
    KERACARE - Leave-in conditioner (240 ml)

    This KeraCare Natural Textures Leave In Conditioner is a gorgeous and unique blend of natural ingredients that infuses moisture into locks and leave them looking and feeling smooth, soft and in control.

    Promote moisture and oil…

    € 16,00
  • KERACARE  - Oil moisturizer
    KERACARE - Oil moisturizer

    Add sheen and softness to hair with this KeraCare Oil Moisturizer with Jojoba Oil. It is light and rich in lubricants and designed to reduces breakage. The moisturizer oil for hair provides protection when blow-drying,…

    € 11,00
  • KERACARE - Oil sheen - with humidity block
    KERACARE - Oil sheen - with humidity block

    ∙ Combats reversion on humid days
    ∙ Hair does not look or feel greasy
    ∙ No CFCs or drying alcohols
    ∙ Does not weigh hair down

    KeraCare® Oil Sheen with Humidity Block contains a light conditioning blend of olive oil,…

    € 11,00
  • KERACARE - Silken seal -  Liquid sheen - Excellent for Blow-Drying
    KERACARE - Silken seal - Liquid sheen - Excellent for Blow-Drying

    Boost your highlighted hair with a beautiful lustrous glaze, silky softness and luxurious body with the KeraCare Silken Seal Liquid Sheen Spray. Excellent for blow drying, this ultra caring spray helps protect hair from…

    € 20,00
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